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Petit Royal means “Little Royal” in French. The philosophy that every child should feel special and royal wearing our products is embedded in the vision of the company, co-founded by entrepreneurs Ritu Ajbani & Neha Agarwal. Mumbai’s only multi-designer fashion house for kids, Petit Royal launched its store in the heart of Mumbai (Lower Parel) on the 26th of February 2016. Currently we operate from our new store at Grant Road.(Near August Kranti Maidan).Analyzing the huge vacuum in the kids fashion market, the company addresses fashion connoisseurs who see fashion as an extension of themselves into every aspect of their lives. The core belief is that every parent sees their child as an extension of themselves and hence there is real potential in terms of business scalability and actual sales for brands/designers. It is not just to being a fad.

Petit Royal offers everything that a child requires including apparel, shoes, accessories, personalized stationery, return gifts and gold and diamond Jewelry exclusively designed for kids.  The company caters to age group 0-13 years and has been built in such a way that it is appealing to the customer and is of high utility to the consumer, as the decision maker of purchase is the parent. Their product range includes Head Gears starting from Rs 350 and Clothes at Rs1000, going up to Rs 25000. We are targeting all moms who want their kids to look different and stylish. Currently, the company targets its audience using digital platforms like Instagram, Facebook and participates in exhibitions to create a buzz offline.

Armed with a robust background in fashion and with previous experience of running business, the founders have always laid high emphasis on quality of the product. They follow a disciplined and heavily brainstormed curation process to onboard designers and owing to their diligence, Petit Royal has observed repeat sales from existing customers, who have now become loyal patrons for the brand. Trending designs, high quality products, personalized service, notable after-sales support, riveting content among other aspects have enabled Petit Royal to build a strong and sustainable brand.

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